Structurelle Structural Engineers

All Saints, Lansdown, Bath

This controversial scheme makes use of the site of a former chapel, bombed during the Baedeker raids. It is located immediately below Bath’s world-famous Lansdown Crescent and has been five years in planning. Both site and building present significant engineering challenges.


The site slopes steeply, and we set out to avoid environmentally questionable piling by careful management of groundwater and levels of excavations within the slope. The local stability of the site is dependent on a substantial retaining wall and we had to ensure that the load of earth removed via bulk excavations equals as closely as possible the load of the new building. Furthermore our solution must protect the global stability of the slope.


The luxurious two-level house is a simple steel frame on a flexible raft foundation. The lower floor comprises a reasonably cellular layout; however an open plan living space above results in a significant roof span with steel frames transferring horizontal forces to the lines of stability.


Due on site in Autumn 2008