Structurelle Structural Engineers

Mr Bowler's Terrace, Bath

This project for four new terraced houses is located on a compact site with major roadways top and bottom. The site slopes at over 50 degrees and is retained by an eight metre high wall at the lower end. The accommodation includes a sub-basement, and the project therefore calls for significant excavation below the level of the upper roadway. The permanent works will comprise a load bearing masonry structure at the upper levels over a reinforced concrete box below ground. The temporary works for the basement construction necessitate the support of the upslope major highway. The shelly limestone nature of the ground characteristics preclude the use of sheet piling; contiguous piles will provide a safe environment for the contractors, in this instance also adding stiffness to the permanent works.


The engineering solution includes a structural glass greenhouse built on a rigid substructure against the lower retaining wall which will preserve the integrity of the support against the wall after redevelopment. Awaiting site investigation.


Planned commencement: Autumn 2008