Structurelle Structural Engineers

Slades Farm, Barn and Cattleshed

All three buildings comprising this project are Grade II listed. The previously derelict cattleshed was converted into a ‘grandad flat’. Headroom was improved by lowering the ground floor slab and repairing and raising the ties on the trusses. The rear wall would not have stood up to underpinning – instead, a reinforced concrete boot (or upstand) was added along the entire 30m length of the building to prevent it from kicking out. The characteristic colonnaded posts sit on re-used straddle stones.


The front wall of the farmhouse was parting company with the rest of the building. Some poor post-war modernisations meant that the trusses were pushing the walls outwards, so as well as remodelling the interior, we had to re-engineer the roof generally which involved repairs to trusses, the installation of structural wall plates and bracing elements to prevent further lateral movement. The cheese barn is linked to the house, and suffered similar instability problems. After repairs, it has become an integral part of the main house.


Completed December 2007