Structurelle Structural Engineers

Puckle Barn

A massive refurbishment of a dilapidated and roofless barn. All repairs and refurbishment had to be in keeping with the original style, so truss repairs for example were achieved using wooden dowels, and masonry corners were stitched with matching stonework to strengthen the building. An entirely new first floor structure was added using flitched oak beams and a solid timber decking of minimal depth.


Despite the traditional look, many of the fittings are very contemporary in design. The bathrooms feature two pod-style shower wet-rooms, and the first floors utilised full-height internal glazing. The main staircase was built to an original design by Structurelle. Complex analysis identified the very tight tolerances that would be required, as the treads themselves restrain the 10mm-thick steel plate stringers.


Completed February 2007