Structurelle Structural Engineers

St. Swithin's Church, Bath

The Parish Church of Walcot has two beautiful candelabra which for decades have been suspended in place by a very long length of bicycle chain. The rather primitive system allows the lighting to be raised and lowered, but also takes its toll on the chain itself and the timbers in the roof space every time it is used. So Structurelle has designed and is implementing a new link and pulley system that is simpler and safer to use.


At the same time the church is installing a platform lift. In the process of assessing the walls for supporting brackets, serious voids and weaknesses were discovered. Structurelle is now overseeing the implementation of a Cyntec system – an expanding concrete grout – to allow fixity of the platform lift to the wall. Our flexible approach means we’re able to deal with issues as they arise during the life of the project.


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